Employee Access Information

RAS Automation for Employees

Starting on October 15, 2019 all employee access is automatically given and taken away from the RAS automation engine.


This new process will streamline account access as well as system access across NMHS allowing for a better human experience. This technology allows for every new employee who is onboarded into the NMHS organization to have the correct and timely access provided to them in a consistent manner.

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1. What is RAS?
Requirements Automation System is the name for the process NMHS uses to automatically and
systematically give and remove access to IT resources such as applications (EPIC, SCM, etc.)

2. What is RBAC?
Role Based Access Controls is a method where a user is provided system or application access based
on their assigned role in the organization. For example; a nurse on 4South will be given access to
certain applications and rights and may be different that those of a nurse at WestPoint.

3. How do I get to my RAS portal?
A link to the RAS portal has been placed under IT and “R” on the intranet

4. What can I do on the RAS portal?
Employees can request access to an application that they do not currently have access to. Leadership
will login to the portal and approve their employees request.

5. How do new employees get access to systems they need?
Access to systems and applications are automatically granted based on a predefined qualification list
and tied to the employee’s role.

6. How do I change qualifications for a role in my department?
The department director will need to email the User Access Team (cybersecurity@nmhs.net)

7. I now have additional duties; how do I get access to the systems I need?
Employees who take on additional duties not typical for their assigned role will need to submit and
exception request in the RAS portal. The employee’s manager will be required to approve all

8. How do I get temporary access for an employee?
The department director will need to email the User Access Team (cybersecurity@nmhs.net) and
explain the need.

9. Can I have multiple credentials on my title?
No, currently ITS systems only allow for one credential.

10. How do I change my credentials?
Contact HR to have them update your credentials in the HR database. RAS will then automatically
change your credentials in all appropriate ITS systems.

11. How do I get my legal name changed?
Employees must submit a Name Change request to HR to change their name. The form is located on
the HR webpage under forms or at this link: http://iwww.nmhs.net/eservices/forms/NameChange.asp

12. Can I use a preferred first name rather than my legal first name for things like email?
Yes! Just login to the HR Employee Self-Service and update the “Preferred Name Field” in the
Personal information tab (https://webhrp.nmhs.net/HRP/ESS/Application.mvc/EmployeeSelfService)
RAS Quick Reference Guide

13. How do I get my username changed?
Usernames will be the employee ID for all new employees as of Oct 15th
. This should not need to be
changed as they are unique.

14. How does an employee’s access get terminated?
Once an employee has been terminated in the HR database RAS will then remove all system access.
In order to terminate an employee in the HR database, the manager/supervisor must submit a
“Separation Notification Form” which can be located on the HR Webpage under Forms or at this
link: http://iwww.nmhs.net/eservices/Forms/pdfs/Separation%20notification%20-%209.12.19.pdf

15. What if I need to terminate an employee immediately?
Contact the ITS help desk (377-2240) however, the manager/supervisor will still need to follow up
with HR with the proper “Separation Notification Form” to complete the process.

16. Who do I call if I can no longer access my systems?
Contact the ITS help desk (377-2240) so they can determine cause.

17. How do I change or reset my password?
Contact the ITS help desk (377-2240)

18. The SCM request button is missing from Group Manager?
All SCM access is now granted automatically based on the user’s role in HR.

19. What happens when an educational course is required before receiving access?
Certain systems such as SCM and EPIC require an educational course prior to access being granted.
RAS will notify the educator when an employee has been qualified for access. Once the employee
completes training the educator will approve their access within the RAS portal.

20. What happens when an employee needs access to a system that is not on their role profile?
Employees who need access to applications not on their current profile will need to submit and
exception request in the RAS portal. The employee’s manager will be required to approve all requests

21. Why am I not seeing all my employees on my dashboard?
If you are not seeing one of your employees in your RAS portal this means that they are not
associated with you in the HR database. Please contact HR.

22. Why am I seeing someone who does not belong to me on my dashboard?
If you are seeing employees in your RAS portal that are not your subordinates this means that they
are incorrectly associated with you in the HR database. A manager must submit a Personal Data
Change form to request the transfer of an employee. Form can be located on the HR Webpage
under Forms or at this link: http://iwww.nmhs.net/eservices/Forms/data_chnge.asp Once HR
receives and processes the data change form, the HR database will be updated.

23. When I transfer to another department will I have access immediately?
Timing of access depends on HR process and when RAS syncs with the HR database. Employees
should allow for at least 3 business days after HR has made the changes in their system.

24. What happens if I turn in a change on Friday at 4PM?
Changes are synced between the HR database and RAS at 9am and 3pm Monday through Friday. All
changes will be made at the next sync time. If there is an emergency change needed please contact the
ITS help desk (377-2240)

25. Why are some system accounts created in 2 hours of employee hire and others can take up to 3
Any system that has been configured to auto create an account directly in the system is done without
human intervention and thus quicker. All other system access must be manually created and thus can
take up to 3 days. It is our goal to auto create ALL accounts within the next year.

26. Are there ever times that changes are not processed?