Non-Employee Access Information

RAS Non-Employee Access is live!

 With the implementation of RAS Phase II (non-employee) all students, affiliates, auditors, and vendors now are onboarded into the NMHS domain automatically.

This new process will streamline account access as well as system access across NMHS by using automation and technology. With this process we cut out unnecessary paper methods and allow users and approvers to sign electronic documents that are more easily viewable as well as have an easier method to audit.

Request > Approve > Access Granted

Number of Users Onboarded Through RAS (Non-Employee)
  • Who Are Non-Employees?                                                                Today RAS non-employee group is made up of students, affiliates, auditors, and vendors.


  • What Do Non-Employees Do To Request Access?                          Non employees can click on the link “Request Access Instructions” below to follow the instructions on how you can request access. Request Access Instructions


  • What Do I Do To Approve Access For A Non-Employee?  Employees can click on the link “Approval Instructions” below to follow the instructions on how to approve requests.             Approval Instructions


1. What is RAS?
Requirements Automation System is the name for the process NMHS uses to automatically and
systematically provision and deprovision access to IT resources such as applications. (EPIC, SCM, etc.)

2. What is RBAC?
Role Based Access Controls is a method where a user is provided system or application access based
on their assigned role in the organization. 

3. What portal do non-employees use?
A link to the SAAV portal has been placed above in a button labeled “SAAV Portal”.

4. What can non employees do in the SAAV portal?
Non-employees can sign into the portal via the credentials shared to them by a NMHS liaison. Once signed in, individuals will have access to  request access into the NMHS domain.

5. How long, after approving a non-employee for access, does it take for the non-employee to be able to log in?
It can take up to 24 hours for all access to be granted by the system.

6. How do non-employees get their username and password?
After the 24 hour account creation timeline the user will receive their credentials via RAS directly to the personal email they provided while requesting NMHS access. 

7. How do new non-employees get access to systems they need?
Access to systems and applications are automatically granted based on a predefined qualification list
and tied to the non-employee’s role.

8. How do I change qualifications for a non-employee role?
The NMHS liaison will need to email the User Access Team (

9. What if the non-employee no longer needs access?
NMHS liaisons receive periodic attestations requests  asking if the non-employee does or does not need access. Based upon the answer the access will be taken away or kept the same.

10. Are there ever times that requests are not processed?
No processing is done Saturday or Sunday during the weekend. Processing for non-employees will run Monday – Friday from 6am – 6pm CST.


All questions or issues should be directed to the User Access Team ( or the ITS
help desk (662-377-2240)