Welcome to RAS

Wouldn't it be nice to hire someone and magically all their access be granted without having to email, fax, or call anyone?

What if you could ensure every employee had the right access at the right time?

What if when an employee leaves their access is automatically removed immediately without human intervention?

Welcome to RAS!

Starting in September 2019 this will be the reality at NMHS.


1. What does RAS stand for?
    RAS stands for Requirements Automation System
2. What is RAS?
     RAS is a new software application that will allow NMHS to automatically onboard and offboard employees for NMHS ITS applications (i.e. Computer login, Email, EPIC, SCM, Teletracking, etc.)
3. When will RAS be operational?
     September 1st is the expected Go-Live date
4. How will a new employee be on boarded with RAS?
     Once HR adds to the new employee to the HR system RAS will provision all applications the new employee needs based on their role in the HR system.
5. How will RAS know what systems/applications my new employee will need access to?
     RAS will contain a listing of all NMHS roles listed in the HR database and what systems/applications those roles require.
6. Do I need to complete a profile assessment of all my roles in my department?
    Yes, you will need to compete  profile sheet for each role you have in your department by July 15th. Otherwise RAS will not be able to provision accurately,
7. What about roles that are the same across the organization (i.e. Nurses)
      Simply complete what you know YOUR roles (i.e. nurses) need access to. Each department manager will do the same for theirs.