Request Service Now Catalog Item “Physical Secure Mail” for shipment of *high value packages.

  1. 1. Fill out request using Service Now Catalog Item “Physical Secure Mail”.
  2. 2. NMHS courier service will deliver required packaging materials customer.
  3. 3. NMHS customer will package item to be delivered using instructions included with courier packing material.
  4. 4. High value customer valuables are picked up via the bonded courier and transported to a UPS Gateway.
  5. 5. Freight moves from origin gateway to UPS SDF.
  6. 6. Aircraft is met by bonded courier and armed guards and freight is immediately removed from aircraft and transported to secure UPS SDF Secure facility.
  7. 7. When the destination aircraft is ready to depart, the bonded courier or armed guards transport valuables back to the aircraft.
  8. 8. Aircraft is met by bonded courier and freight is immediately transferred to the bonded courier.
  9. 9. Bonded courier transports and delivers valuables to ultimate destination.

*High value packages for this service are defined as packages with PHI or other sensitive information (i.e. tax, payroll, etc), this could be in the form of paper or hardware (i.e. thumb drives, hard drives, computers)