5 Things You Can Do to Secure Your Mobile Device

Secure your screen with a strong authentication

  • Passwords – One of the best methods to secure your mobile device is by using a strong password. The features of a strong password are:
    • At least 8 random characters
    • A variety of character types including letters, numbers and symbols
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) – also known as Two Factor Authentication is even stronger than passwords. Most mobile devices allow this today should be used as best practice. Examples are:
    • Fingerprint
    • Facial recognition
    • One Time pass code send to another device

Turn on your device’s auto-lock feature

Setting your device screen to automatically lock after a period of inactivity can protect it from unwelcome access.

Be cautious when installing apps

Only install apps from trusted sources, like Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Avoid installing apps from unknown developers. Read app reviews and check app permissions, making sure the permissions granted are necessary for the app to function.

Install operating system (OS) updates when available

OS updates often contain new security features and important patches. Be sure to install OS updates when prompted. This is generally done automatically during early morning hours if the device is charging.

Avoid using unsecured, public Wi-Fi networks

Public Wi-Fi networks or free networks in public areas generally don’t include security, leaving the data on your phone unprotected. It is best to not connect to these types of networks. Either use your cellular service or wait until you get home or to work.